Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stupidity shenanigans

Check out @Kunplugged's Tweet:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pen Pal Shenanigans

So, just in case I didn't have enough on plate right now, I have charged myself (I hate it when people say 'charged') with managing a free pen pal match up service.  I did this because I literally spent hours searching for such a list and most out there charged money or just didn't feel right.  Since my child is homeschooled, I am starting with homeschool groups all over the world and will go from there.  Please keep my email as a reference for future pen pal interests.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Charter Communications Shenanigans

I am sending the following letter to Charter Communications due to continued problems. 
I took out my address, although, I'm sure if you really wanted to know, you could find it.

Katie Grimes Rotton
XXXX My Street
Montgomery, AL  36117
Acct # ___________________
Security Code _____________
January 15, 2013

Charter Communications
941 Charter Commons Dr.
Town & Country, MO  63017
ATTN:  CCA – Charter Phone

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is in reference to the service at the above address being interrupted and completely out for several weeks, now.  The original call was on Sunday, December 9th, when first noticing the phone didn’t have a dial tone.  I am not sure how long it had been out but it hadn’t been over a day or so at that time.  We had just not used it yet, that day, until I noticed it was out. 
Anyway, after spending close to an hour on the phone with someone who walked me through unplugging and plugging back things, she finally said she was going to have to schedule someone to come out.  I told her that I work during the day and the only day I would have was the following Friday (the 14th) available for anyone to come out because I was already off that day due to prior plans.  Due to THOSE plans, I could only hang out at home in the morning that day, so she scheduled someone to come Friday, Dec. 14th between 8-10 AM.  After she scheduled that, I also told her how the cable had never been buried since June, either, because I was told originally that someone COULD come on a Saturday and was told they would have it done either the first or second Saturday after installing services.  No one ever called or showed up to bury cable and I had already called about it once earlier when I was having another issue.  I was told again that someone could come out on a Saturday.  She also had me sign up for some kind of service insurance or something even though I told her no one had touched the inside wiring and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.  So, I ended up adding more stuff to my already expensive bill for a service that isn’t working.
After my call on Sunday, Dec. 9th, I received a call early the next morning from a worker who was at my door saying no one was there to let them in the house.  I told them no one was supposed to be there and that they weren’t supposed to come until Friday.  He asked, “Did I want to reschedule?” I didn’t WANT to reschedule….it was already scheduled for Friday, not Monday.  So he had someone else call me and stay on the phone while I was at work, being pretty snippy with me because they acted like it was my fault for the rescheduling.   Then, as I’m going over everything with new person on phone, she says there was never a work order put in for the cable (EVER) and it wasn’t scheduled on a weekend and they couldn’t do it on a weekend.  I had never been told that previously and I went through the WHOLE story again.       I finally had to tell person that I had to hang up now, because I had people waiting in front of me.  I asked her to do what she could.  That next weekend, someone DID come to bury the cable.  I was very surprised and they got it down pretty quickly.  So, I had been checking the phone & internet all week and it would work one time and then go out again.  So, on Thursday night (the night prior to scheduled visit), I checked the phone and it worked.  Again, Friday morning, it worked so I went ahead and canceled the work order because I didn’t want to get charged for a visit if everything was working.  Well, of course, after canceling, the phone and everything went out again later and hasn’t been back on since. 
Now, though, it isn’t just the phone and internet that isn’t working.  Now, the DVR/cable in one room is not working at all.  We can pick up just a few basic channels but the rest is either “unavailable at this moment” or the signal isn’t coming through and the channel is scrambled.  There is only a handful of lower channels that aren’t scrambled.  THIS has been going on for almost over 3 weeks, but again, I can NOT be there for anyone to come inside, nor do I have someone who can take time out of their day to come sit at my house.  It really seems as if Charter would be able to do something about all of the above listed issues, from outside the home or at cable boxes or from your office.  You are able to do SO much stuff and are “the best” this and that (according to your advertisements) but if you can’t fix an issue without coming inside someone’s home.  That is really a shame.  It is extremely inconvenient and even impossible most of the time for some people to take off work to deal with these issues.  Furthermore, there isn’t a thing that could have touched ANY of the plugs or outlets, inside or out, so if everything was working for a few months, nothing should need to be changed just “because” unless that is the only way to correct problem. 
I was sent a bill and went ahead and paid it so there wouldn’t be any issues concerning payment.  However, I am very unhappy that I am being charged for service that is not working. 
Phone – Hasn’t worked since December 9, 2012  (except for the night prior to & the morning of  the scheduled work visit but was back out before end of that day). 
Internet—Same as phone. 
Cable TV—The main DVR in the Living Room has the time on it but that TV isn’t working right now so I can’t check the signal strength.  However, the 2nd DVR in another bedroom is completely out and has been for almost 2 weeks.  There are only a few channels that work w/o being scrambled.  ZERO premium channels are working and I have been charged for all of this. 

It would be more than appropriate to be credited for this service that hasn’t been working, from December 9, 2012 – January 16,  2013 at a minimum.  Any days after the 16th that it is not working properly, will be documented and should be credited, as well.  This should be reflected on my online, as well as paper billing.  It would also be in everyone’s best interest if this service was fixed promptly so as to prevent further monthly fees from being credited to my account due to nonworking services.  If the above account is not promptly credited and the problem remedied, further action will be necessary to resolve this disappointing issue.   Further action may involve, but is not limited to dropping Charter service due to Charter not fulfilling its agreement and the continued bad service and repetitive need to troubleshoot and call for tech support; publishing this and future letters on complaint boards, Facebook, Twitter (I manage 4 accounts now & about to add 4 more), blog, and other Social Media venues; informing investors of these and other known consistent problems; and other actions to be determined by customer.   
Furthermore, it has come to my attention that this could be “the norm” with Charter.  I wish I had known about a website solely devoted to the disappointing service of Charter.  Charter customers all over the United States have voiced their frustrations concerning Charter and I plan to voice mine, as well, and will start promoting this website so that others can do the same.  What an embarrassment to your company to have a website created just because Charter can’t perform its services as stated in the advertisements and by the sales representatives.  There are also local venues to voice complaints about issues such as these and if the problem persists with my service and is not resolved quickly, I plan to make it known so hopefully, I can save someone else the frustrations of dealing with Charter Communications.

Katie G. Rotton
334-XXX-XXXX  (This is the house number provided by Charter that is NOT working.)
334-XXX-XXXX (cell, may leave message)

Cc:  Charter Communications, Montgomery Office, 5990 Monticello Dr, 36117
        General Inquiry Office, 12405 Powerscourt Dr., St. Louis, MO  63131
        Robin Gutzler, Charter Investor Inquiries
        Anita Lamont, Communications and Media Relations
        John Miller, Communications and Media Relations

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gentleman Zero


I would have posted this much earlier but I just found out yesterday that "GZ" will be at The Blue Iguana tonight.  I also just saw this ad and the part about being voted one of "Birmingham's Best" or something.  Check it out.  Hope you have time to make it.  They play anything and everything and are really good!  And, I'm NOT just saying that because the singer is my nephew!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baby Bunny Shenanigans

I am going to try and post the pictures first and then come back and tell you about them because I wasted time poking on this touch screen the other day and tried to upload some pics and it never went through nor saved as a draft.  Fun times.  That sounds like a "blog shenanigan".  Anyway, I hope you adore these guys as much as we do already!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crimson Tide Friend Shenanigans

Most of you, if you know me AT ALL, know how I feel about the Crimson Tide (that is the University of Alabama football team for those of you out in space, in the middle of the Dead Sea, or are just plain stupid).  Anyway, if you don't know....(and I also really don't like to use the word 'hate')....but I HATE THEM.  I REALLY, REALLY HATE THEM. 

So, it means a lot that I am doing this for a friend but I think he did a great job on this and I wanted to share it with you.  His name is Tony Beckham and he's a nut.  He made a video and it's making rounds on YouTube.  You may have even already seen it. 

This is the first time I've tried putting a link in a blog post, so I hope I'm doing it correctly.  Best wishes to Tony and his ventures in whatever he hopes to accomplish!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Visit To The Huge Mall Shenanigans

Again, sorry it's been so long...there's really no excuse, well there are lots but I won't bore you with them.  (Working full-time, homeschooling, no working computer at home, alleged 'smart phone' that turned out to be stupid, many other non-working appliances or issues in house, etc., and the list goes on and on but I'm working on resolving many of these issues.). Anyway, this past week, I took my 9 year old to the Galleria Mall in Birmingham for the first time.  I had not been in, let's see...about 9 years maybe?  They have a "Galleria Blvd" now thay apparently opened about 8 or so years ago but I wasn't expecting it but I HAD looked them up online and saw that they had a store now that my son would freak out over, so I kept it a surprise (and told him to bring his own money--wise decision).  I won't bother you with a play by play of our entire day but he is planning our next trip and we both LOVED the surprise store.  I also learned that most stores and zero kiosks will accept personal checks and I don't use credit cards, I didn't spend very much at all.  I guess that's a good thing in disguise.  Here are a few pics from the surprise store (Lego). 

*I apologize for any typos or weird space issues.  This is my first time trying to blog from my "smart phone" and I HATE this tiny touch screen.

Happy Saturday!